What Type of Bonds Can Be Given Upon Arrest?

What Type of Bonds Can Be Given Upon Arrest?

Unfortunately, in life, we are all placed in a situation that may require us to seek out help from the bail bondsman in our county. Some of the bail bonds he may offer you depending on the severity of your charges are recognizance bonds, secured bonds or cash bail. With any court bail bonds las vegas NV, there will be conditions in order for you to be released and if at any moment you cannot abide by these conditions, your bail can be revoked and you will be sent back to the county jail to wait for your next court date.

Recognizance Bond

A recognizance bond is given to you on the promise that you will appear in court on the date listed on your bond and police summons. There is no cash amount that you have to pay upfront or payback if you do not make it to court. With this specific bond, you will not want to miss your court date as there is a chance that you will never be offered this type of bond again. Before accepting and signing the bond, be sure that you are available on that date for your court hearing.

Secured Bond

A secured bail bond does not require you to pay any bail money up front, but it does require you to follow your bail conditions and make it to your court date. This will allow the bondsman to give you a specific amount of cash to be listed on your bail and if you do not abide by your conditions, you will be asked to pay the amount in full back to the courts. This type of bond is normally given for individuals that are not able to make cash bail or if their charges are too severe to be given a recognizance bond.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is when the bail bondsman gives you a specific amount of money that you have to pay before you can be released back into the community. If you are able to bail out with that amount, then you will be asked to follow the bail conditions listed on your bond and be given a court date for your new charge. If you don’t go to the court date listed, you can be charged with failure to appear or with violation of conditions on your release. Both can cause you to be given more jail time and possibly a fine as well.

When you arrested on a new charge you will be given the opportunity in most cases to be released on a bail bond through the courts. Some bonds that may be offered to you depending on your situation are cash bail, secured bonds, and recognizance bonds. If you are not able to make bail, you will have the opportunity to request a bail hearing with your lawyer in hopes that the judge will either change the type of bail you were offered or lower the amount specified for cash bail.