Money Sure Ain’t What it Used to Be – Inflation!

“A thousand bucks today sure ain’t what it used to be!”

Now, I know I’ve heard that one said countless times. My grandmother should have made some kind of that statement (commonly substituting different dollar values) maybe even ten thousand times.

I think I get the point. What my dear grandmother was wanting to convey was that inflation had significantly changed the need for the U.S. dollar. What could be purchased with one thousand dollars today is a lot below what might have been purchased with this amount of money some in the past.

You know, there will be something else that I always noticed when my grandmother makes those statements. She always spoke these words having a reminiscent, mildly sad flavor.

I consistently attempted to be respectful of my grandmother’s feelings and views. Therefore, I would constantly console her and illustrate that I understood how hard that really must be to view such a negative alteration of the value of the dollar you grew up using every day! I mean, it is perfectly normal for being emotional if you see that irreplaceable U.S. dollar plummet in value, right?

A Thousand Bucks Ain’t What It Was Previously

Maybe, but maybe not, I believe, I was thinking, lucky thing for me that a thousand bucks ain’t what it was previously!

Now, why on the planet would I be happy hearing that the value of the U.S. dollar is decreasing? I live inside the U.S., I work within the U.S., so, the U.S. dollar is a vital thing to my survival. Why was I significantly less sad to see that value of the $ 1000 go thus far down?


You may have guessed it chances are, I was already in financial trouble and had been for decades. I was thinking INFLATION, YEAH! Now we have been talking business!

You see, I understood that when the value of the U.S. dollar is shrinking, so I think that debt that I accrued. If I got financing 10 in years past for $1,000, I could use those funds to purchase quite a few things previously! Like Gramma says, “when a thousand bucks meant something!”

And now I am paying it back years later when the $1,000 is valued at less as a result of inflation. So, I’m trying to repay below what I originally borrowed because “lots of dollars sure ain’t just what it used to be.” I thank inflation daily for that certain!

Let inflation help your debt. Don’t be so narrowly dedicated to paying it off as quickly since you can that you do not check around and notice each of the options. Take your time and provides your credit card debt time to get to the status of “ain’t just what it used to be!”