Successful Investors All Have One Thing In Common

Successful Investors All Have One Thing In Common

Successful investors have a system. They have rules that they follow and that they don’t deviate from. Take Warren Buffett. In the 1990’s, he did not get into the Internet companies. People thought he was nuts. And what happened? The Internet bubble popped. Now, Warren’s back on top, well ahead of where he was back in the 1990’s when he seemed like the only person not making money on the Internet.

When I ask folks about their stock, “When do you know when to get out?” a lot people just answer, “I don’t know! I’m just going to keep it. It’s going to keep up isn’t it?” For some people, that’s their system — buy and hold or as I call it buy and hope.

But sometimes, like 2008 — that’s not the most productive way to invest your money. I heard of a lot of people who lost thirty, forty, fifty, sixty percent in 2008 through the buy and hold way of doing things.

Once you’re in retirement, your time frame is going to seem short. So to protect yourself, what do you do?

You set rules. Create and follow a system.

Number one, I always tell people, is avoid big losses. If demand is falling, it’s time to get out. Number two is to periodically take profits off the table. Generally speaking, we take profits when a position has gone up 30%. Then again when the position is up50% and/or when demand starts to weaken. You’re not in the investment to own the company, you’re in it to make money. And one way to make sure you do is to take profits off the table from time to time. Set a level – a percentage — then live by it and invest by it. And don’t deviate from …

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Applying For a Bank Loan

Applying For a Bank Loan

If you’ve never applied for a bank loan before odds are you have no idea what to expect from the process.

There are different ways to apply for a bank loan. Often it is the TYPE of loan you are applying for that determines the approach. For example, if you are applying for a car loan you may be filling out the application at the auto dealership.

If you are applying for something like a signature loan, mortgage loan or business loan you may be applying directly with the bank or through online applications.

Talk with A Professional

Make an appointment with a loan officer at your bank. Sit down with them and discuss the type of loan you are seeking, what your goals are and a bit about your financial situation. The loan officer may be able to give you guidance and offer options you had not considered. You may be able to get a realistic estimate of the chances your loan will be approved.

Provide Your Information

One of the first things you will be asked to do is fill out a credit application. The application is the banks method of gathering demographic, income and credit history information about your.

Be prepared to give information such as:

  • Name
  • Address and Phone Number
  • Date of Birth and Social Security Number
  • Employment Information such as name of employer and length of employment

There may be other questions depending on the institution’s internal policy and the type of loan.

The Bank Analyzes Your Information

Using your applications a baseline the bank proceeds to investigate and determine how much of a risk would be involved in loaning to you. Their procedures may look something like this:

With your name, date of birth, address, and social security number a credit report and/or credit …

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