History of Silver Coins

History of Silver Coins

Usage of silver coins dates all the way back in ancient times and it is considered to be among the first form of coinage. They were very popular in the 1500s where they didn’t have as perfect shape as they have now, but that’s because of the lack of technology. When the economy is unstable, silver coins are a great way to lower the risk of inflation, but most of the countries don’t have the resources to do that.

Nowadays we don’t trade them like it used to be, but they are considered as a great gift for certain situations. Also, there are many people who are collectors and many of them are worth quite a lot. You can always find silver coins for sale online or in a nearby silver store if you interested. Even if they are not made out of gold, when you have some that are over 100 years old, you can expect that the price will rise every year.

US Silver Coins

The US mint had to stop minting silver coinage in the 1963 and until that they have used them for 173 years. When it became legal to mint coins in 1789 by the Constitution the first place to mint was in Philadelphia in 1792. An interesting thing is that you would be sentenced to death if you make fake coins. In 1834 silver managed to move the ratio to 16:1 relative to gold.

There are many popular coins made in that period and one of them is the half dime Seated Liberty which was 90 percent silver. Later we had copper-nickel coins that became more popular because the cost to make it was lower. A quarter and half a dollar of Seated Liberty coin was made in 1838 and was used until 1891. …

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